Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Rock The Grammy Awards

By Danny Abriano
To recognize the 50th anniversary of the arrival of The Beatles in America, the Grammys made last night’s ceremony a Beatles-centric one, and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were the rightful centers of attention.
The two legends were on hand to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award, were seated next to one another in the front row, and both took the stage.
Aside from Paul and Ringo, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, and Olivia Harrison were also in attendance. Yoko and Olivia presented an award with Alicia Keys near the end of the ceremony.

The FEST took out a half page ad in last night’s Grammy program book saluting The Beatles.

It was Paul (the winner of five awards last night) and Ringo, though, who were the highlights of the evening.
First, Ringo took to the stage to sing his 1973 hit “Photograph.” Starr and George Harrison co-wrote “Photograph” in 1971, and the pictures of the Fab Four flashing behind Ringo as he performed made for a poignant, moving moment.  The crowd rose in unison as Ringo performed, and it was a truly special scene.
A bit later on, Paul McCartney took to the stage to play “Queenie Eye” from his new album. With Paul playing a piano from the Magical Mystery Tour era, Ringo joined in on drums, creating the surreal and amazing site of the two living Beatles performing together.
The last time the two performed together was in 2010, when Paul surprised Ringo on the occasion of his 70th birthday at Radio City Hall and the two performed “Birthday” together.
Incredibly, last night’s scene may simply serve as an appetizer for Beatles fans who are hungry for more. Tonight, CBS is recording a special titled “The Night That Changed America,” a two hour salute to The Beatles that will air on February 9th at 8PM.
A few days ago, Ringo confirmed that he and Paul would be performing together for the special being filmed tonight. Not to take anything away from the incredible performances we were fortunate to witness last night, but one would imagine Paul and Ringo will be performing Beatles hits together for “The Night That Changed America.”
It was amazing to see Paul and Ringo together last night, and the February 9th special airing on CBS should provide us with more memories that will be long lasting.
Check out a clip of Paul and Ringo performing together last night:


Ringo Confirms Upcoming Performance with Paul

Ringo and Paul perform at Radio City in 2010. Photo by Rob Shanahan.

By Danny Abriano
Ever since it was reported that both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be in attendance at this year’s Grammy awards – and that there would be a special Beatles tribute the night after the Grammy’s, rumors have been swirling that the two would perform together.
Last night, Ringo confirmed to Access Hollywood that the two would be performing together.  According to Ringo, the performance will take place the night after the Grammy’s,  during filming for the CBS special “The Night That Changed America: A Grammys Salute to The Beatles.”
The special, including the performance by Paul and Ringo, will be taped on January 27th, and will air on February 9th – the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles’ earth shattering performance on the Ed Sullivan show.  Said Ringo:

To celebrate the 50 years since we landed in New York in February [1964], they are putting on a big show on Monday and we will be doing it there.

It’s unknown at this point exactly what Paul and Ringo’s performance will entail, but let’s hope it involves Paul at the microphone and Ringo behind his kit – at least for part of the performance.
Paul and Ringo have played together a handful of times since The Beatles broke up in 1970.  The most rollicking one occurred in in July of 2010, when Paul surprised Ringo for his 70th birthday at Radio City.  The crowd went insane, Ringo got on the drums, and Paul belted out “Birthday” with Ringo playing behind him.
Ringo’s photographer Rob Shanahan, who captured the above image of Ringo and Paul at Radio City, will have that photo and other memorable Paul and Ringo photographs, gallery prints and lithographs available for sale in his gallery at this year’s NYC Fest. Check out Rob’s site here.


They Say It’s Your Birthday – Paul!

And we certainly hope you’re gonna have a good time!! Finishing up the first U.S. part of his world tour last week, we can only watch in awe how Sir Paul is still going strong at 71 and performing for almost three hours, giving so many fans the greatest concerts they will ever see. For those of you who saw Paul in the past 3-4 weeks, we are sure you noticed many young fans in attendance. For all of us baby boomers, who have seen him in concert over the years, we know how great and special those shows have been. For the younger fans (10-30 years of age) who see him now, WE know they have just seen the greatest concert they will EVER see in their entire lives! Paul is simply the best at what he does. He has no equals. We are forever grateful and thankful for his long and winding trip he has taken us on. Happy Birthday, Paul. We love you.


Paul McCartney Performs in Brooklyn

Another amazing, unforgettable concert on Saturday night, in Brooklyn. It was Paul’s first time performing in this borough, at the new Barclays Center, and he brought the house down. There are not enough superlatives to describe the show. He gave us at least 6 or 7 songs not in the last tour, and most that he NEVER performed live previous to this 2013 Out There Tour. The A/V show prior to the concert was mostly brand new and the lighting effects was first rate. Paul and his band hit the stage at 8:50PM to a thunderous ovation and they ripped into Eight Days a Week, one of the new songs. For those going tonight or later this summer, I won’t mention the songs here (if there are any of you left who do not know the impeccable set list). For those of you who don’t want to know, it is hard, not impossible, to avoid)! Paul mixes up about three dozen Beatles, Wings and Solo songs in his set that didn’t end until around 11:30PM. We saw many FEST regulars there and also many parents who brought children to see Paul. We can safely say that these youngsters experienced the greatest concert THEY WILL EVER SEE!!! Tonight, our entire family is going (Mark, Carol, Michelle & Jessica) and we are counting the minutes! After headlining at the Bonnaroo Festival on the 14th, Paul is off for some concerts in Europe and returns to the states in early July for another series of shows, beginning at Fenway Park in Boston on July 9th.

If you have seen Paul on this tour, tell us what your favorite highlights were. We know there so many to choose from!!


Paul hits the Brooklyn side of the Big Apple in 2 days!

Opening Night in Orlando, taken by FEST regular Craig Dubishar

Reports are coming in from Orlando, Memphis, Austin and Tulsa, where Sir Paul and his band has wowed audiences with a seemingly unending reservoir of energy, playing lots of Beatles, Wings and solo songs spanning the past 50 years. His last stop on this leg of the tour is this Saturday and Monday, June 8th & 10th at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. I know we will see so many of you there. We cannot wait – ONLY 2 & 4 DAYS TO GO! If you spot us, please say hi!. After headlining at the Bonnaroo Festival on the 14th, Paul is off for some gigs in Europe and returns to the states in early July for another series of shows, beginning at Fenway Park in Boston on July 9th.

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Paul & Ringo Meet up in Beverly Hills

Saturday, April 20th, Paul and Nancy McCartney met up with Ringo and Barbara Starr for dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. The couples look fabulous as usual and were also joined by Joe Walsh and his wife (Barbara’s sister) and Jeff Lynne. We hope the fans and media gave them the privacy they deserve. With Paul about to start another tour this year and Ringo just completed tour of the Far East and considering another leg of the tour, perhaps in South America, they should have much to talk about. Whatever they discussed, it is always wonderful to know that they get together, as brothers would normally do. Peace and Love.