They Say It’s Your Birthday – Paul!

And we certainly hope you’re gonna have a good time!! Finishing up the first U.S. part of his world tour last week, we can only watch in awe how Sir Paul is still going strong at 71 and performing for almost three hours, giving so many fans the greatest concerts they will ever see. For those of you who saw Paul in the past 3-4 weeks, we are sure you noticed many young fans in attendance. For all of us baby boomers, who have seen him in concert over the years, we know how great and special those shows have been. For the younger fans (10-30 years of age) who see him now, WE know they have just seen the greatest concert they will EVER see in their entire lives! Paul is simply the best at what he does. He has no equals. We are forever grateful and thankful for his long and winding trip he has taken us on. Happy Birthday, Paul. We love you.


12 thoughts on “They Say It’s Your Birthday – Paul!

  1. Happy birthday Paul! I have always thought it was so cool that we share a birthday. So happy day from your twin and a big fan.

  2. I will be 60 this year, myself, and have been a Beatles/Paul McCartney fan since I was 10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR PAUL!!!

  3. Every Sunday after dinner we would watch the
    Ed Sullivan Show. On one Sunday it was really a
    different after dinner show. My sisters could hardly
    wait for this show,they moved all the funiture out of
    middle of the room. Of course this so they could
    sing, shout and have plenty room to dance!!!
    I was 4 and turning 5 in a couple of months and this
    memory began my love affiar with the Beatles.
    Paul of course was my favorite one, I’ve never
    seen him performe in person and thus just might be my
    chance. I’m originally from Chicago but live in Brooklyn,
    wasn’t able to attend the shows in Brooklyn . I’m spending
    My birthday this year at the Beatle Fest in Chicago!!!
    Hoping that Sir Paul stops by, that would be the best
    Birthday present ever!!! Happy Birthday Paul!!

    Stephanie Mc Donald

  4. Saw Paul on June 8th in Brooklyn with a friend who saw him for the very first time in concert. How great was that to see him again thru her eyes. I loved it – she loved it! Happy, happy birthday Paul and for certain, many, many more.

  5. I changed my Facebook cover page to a great picture of Paul after seeing him in Memphis on May 26th!
    I had seen him in Nashville in 2010, and in St. Louis last November, and while those concerts were amazing, this one in Memphis was the concert of a lifetime! My 27-year old son went with me, and at one point, he had his eyes closed and was dancing in his own world! He’ll be able to tell his own grandchildren that he saw Sir Paul someday. There were people in their 80’s as well as kids around 8 years old jumping up and down on the way out. I believe that it’s the only concert that you see such a wide cross-section of people. Paul even made a joke about it, talking about all the generations there, and that there could be some people in the crowd older than him. He said, while everyone laughed, “Well, it’s possible”.
    I saw on your front page where you were having some sort of contest if you had Paul as your cover page, and wanted to make sure I was included. I love “The Fest” site, and can’t wait to attend one eventually! Jessica Young

  6. Happy Birthday Sir Paul.
    I found out that I was named after a song named “Linda” as my parents were dating at that time. Linda’s father had a song written for his wife and Laura. There were several songs later. There were always so many “Linda’s” in my school classes.
    The Beatles…. sang songs expressing our feeling in that era of confusing war times. Like opening a rainbow to explore.
    Thank you Sir Paul.

  7. Happy Birthday Paul The Beatles were great I was in the second grade at the time and now I am up there in age as well but you beat me right now and if 71 looks the way you do well then it is not so bad. Wishes to you for the best ever and many more to come. Keep the music coming as well. Enjoy every moment of it.
    Life long happiness always.

  8. I’m 60 years old and I agree with every Word that The Fest just posted here!!! Maybe I’m Amazed, The Cute Beatle is Something!!!
    We LOVE You Paul oh Yes WE DO!!!!! Happy 71st Paul, I have no Idea what or where you will be partying. I hope you and Nancy are with your children!!! I’m sure that after this Tour, you need some R & R. Love Always Linda C. Taylor/ Richmond, Va

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