Paul & Ringo Meet up in Beverly Hills

Saturday, April 20th, Paul and Nancy McCartney met up with Ringo and Barbara Starr for dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. The couples look fabulous as usual and were also joined by Joe Walsh and his wife (Barbara’s sister) and Jeff Lynne. We hope the fans and media gave them the privacy they deserve. With Paul about to start another tour this year and Ringo just completed tour of the Far East and considering another leg of the tour, perhaps in South America, they should have much to talk about. Whatever they discussed, it is always wonderful to know that they get together, as brothers would normally do. Peace and Love.


4 thoughts on “Paul & Ringo Meet up in Beverly Hills

  1. It is great that they can find time to meet and enjoy some time together.My wish is that Paul and Ringo would record an album together of John and Georges SONGS.Now THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!!!!!

  2. Thank you for all the FabFour updates. Paul and Ringo’s birthdays will soon be here, June & July. I can’t believe they are in their 70’s! I can’t believe I’m 60, ugh! They both look great!! We Love you Beatles, oh yes we do!!! I love the new Yellow Sub-Monopoly game. Thanks again for all you are doing regarding anything about the Beatles/ Paul & Ringo!!!! Luv Ya! Linda C. Taylor- Richnond, Va

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