Remembering John Lennon

Thoughts from Fest Founder Mark Lapidos on this most somber of days…
There is no getting around it. This is the blackest date in Beatles history.
34 years later, it still sucks. For many millions of fans it was the worst day of our lives. We can somehow understand how or why politicians and world leaders over the centuries could be assassinated. BUT A MUSICIAN!!!! Not just any musician, but John Lennon.
John was so much more than a musician. He became the voice of a generation, spreading peace and love around the world. He was also an artist, writer, husband, father and a dreamer, to name a few.
There have been so many books written about John – some really terrific ones and some horrible ones. But just listen to his music, read his words, listen to his interviews – that is where you will find the essence of John.
John’s music and spirit will always be with us, so listen to his music today. Put on your favorite Beatles album or favorite solo album, or put on something you haven’t listened to in a while. Think positive thoughts about John and celebrate his life and always remember what he gave us. It is something so ingrained in us, it will last forever. All You Need Is Love.


5 thoughts on “Remembering John Lennon

  1. i will always remember this day, i had heard about it on the radio on my way to work at my 1st job after i got out of the navy about a week later my grandfather had died,so i will always remember this sad day

  2. My favorite song of his is “In My Life”. It says so much about the man he was. Still miss him after all these years. Still brings tears to my eyes.

  3. Words are inadequate to express the impact John and his mates
    had on my life. The day John died was the saddest day of
    my life. I miss him so much that at times it is too hard
    to listen to his music. Starting Over, Woman and Beautiful Boy
    always stop me cold. Then the loss of George. What a
    great man he became! All senseless losses that I will always carry with me.

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