Paul Surprises Ringo for Finale (Video)

PaulRingoRingo and his All Starr Band played at Radio City Music Hall last night and the concert was super, the band was hot, background vocals outstanding. It was virtually the same as any other night on his 2010 Tour. BUT IT WASN’T THE SAME AT ALL. This was Ringo’s 70th birthday and the sold out show was filled with luminaries and celebs in the Beatles world. The first hint at something special happening came during Photograph, when our friend Mark Rivera (who is listed in the program as the Musical Director) came out with his Sax and he and Edgar Winter shared the solo in the song. It was the start of unforgettable moments. The finale of With A Little Help From My Friends/ Give Peace a Chance saw dozens of musicians join Ringo in stage as backup singers. We cannot give you a full list of who was up there but Yoko, Peter Asher, Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh, Little Steven, Nils Lofgren, Jim Keltner, Max Weinberg, Greg Lake, Gary Brooker, Richard Marx, Billy Squier, Gary Burr, Colin Hay, Keith Allison were singing the extended finale. Then a huge cake was wheeled out in the shape of Ringo’s drum set and the entire audience sang Happy Birthday along with some of his grandchildren who came on stage with the cake. He said goodnight and left the stage, but I noticed the tech guys moving some gear on stage and then it appeared, under a dim light – it was THAT HOFNER BASS. At that moment the fans knew what was happening. It was a total surprise for Ringo, as the All Starrs came back on stage and then PAUL jogged out to center stage and ripped into Birthday. I can’t remember hearing such a loud ovation, more like a roar when Paul appeared. Ringo ran on stage and headed for his Drums. It was an unforgettable version with Paul turning around a number of times to glance at his former band mate. After the song, Ringo bopped over to Paul and they gave each other a warm and long embrace. They each said I Love You and there wasn’t a dry eye around. We will blog the full list when we can all figure it out. Olivia was also spotted in the audience but did not join in the finale.
To the Greatest – Peace and Love Ringo!

Paul Plays Birthday for Ringo