Paul Surprises Ringo for Finale (Video)

PaulRingoRingo and his All Starr Band played at Radio City Music Hall last night and the concert was super, the band was hot, background vocals outstanding. It was virtually the same as any other night on his 2010 Tour. BUT IT WASN’T THE SAME AT ALL. This was Ringo’s 70th birthday and the sold out show was filled with luminaries and celebs in the Beatles world. The first hint at something special happening came during Photograph, when our friend Mark Rivera (who is listed in the program as the Musical Director) came out with his Sax and he and Edgar Winter shared the solo in the song. It was the start of unforgettable moments. The finale of With A Little Help From My Friends/ Give Peace a Chance saw dozens of musicians join Ringo in stage as backup singers. We cannot give you a full list of who was up there but Yoko, Peter Asher, Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh, Little Steven, Nils Lofgren, Jim Keltner, Max Weinberg, Greg Lake, Gary Brooker, Richard Marx, Billy Squier, Gary Burr, Colin Hay, Keith Allison were singing the extended finale. Then a huge cake was wheeled out in the shape of Ringo’s drum set and the entire audience sang Happy Birthday along with some of his grandchildren who came on stage with the cake. He said goodnight and left the stage, but I noticed the tech guys moving some gear on stage and then it appeared, under a dim light – it was THAT HOFNER BASS. At that moment the fans knew what was happening. It was a total surprise for Ringo, as the All Starrs came back on stage and then PAUL jogged out to center stage and ripped into Birthday. I can’t remember hearing such a loud ovation, more like a roar when Paul appeared. Ringo ran on stage and headed for his Drums. It was an unforgettable version with Paul turning around a number of times to glance at his former band mate. After the song, Ringo bopped over to Paul and they gave each other a warm and long embrace. They each said I Love You and there wasn’t a dry eye around. We will blog the full list when we can all figure it out. Olivia was also spotted in the audience but did not join in the finale.
To the Greatest – Peace and Love Ringo!

Paul Plays Birthday for Ringo


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  1. I was lucky enough to see Ringo on his 52nd birthday in concert in London, but this concert was so special.
    Happy birthday Ringo, and loads more, thanks for all the wonderful music. I think that is the best live version of Birthday I have seen Paul perform, he just gets better and better.
    Love to John and George too, both missed terribly.
    Peace and Love everyone, from all at the british Beatles fan club

  2. Mates–
    It just hit me as I gently weep.
    More than talent, charm, fame and even music

    this is a story of FRIENDSHIP

  3. What a momment. I wish Paul and Ringo would tour together. How cool would that be. Happy Birthday Ringo

  4. Thank you for the video,like most of us here, I am crying. They bring such emotion to all of us. Yoko,like her,don’t like her, but her being there made John being there, and for that I am truly grateful. It also shows that they are all wonderful humans celebrating a wonderful person’s milestone.

  5. Bought our tickets for Ringo’s concert very early spring. Was a huge surprise to realize that we would be sharing his 70th birthday with him!!!My 9 year old kept asking…”Is this going to be the real Ringo?” And each time I assured him that is was going to be..Little did we know that we would experience history in the making.What followed the 1st intermission was an explosion of voices and hands that was the loudest that I have EVER heard in a concert setting!!Paul had stormed the stage! We now became part of something bigger than we could ever imagined. At the end of this summer, I will have seen Paul 9 times; my 9 year old..5 times. I watched him sing and dance right along side of his elders. Keeping up with the biggest fans, I was so proud. To Ringo, keep up the good work-your concert was fab!Happiest of Birthdays to you!! And to Paul, we will see you VERY soon…..

  6. Happy Birthday Ringo “Richard Starkey” I have enjoyed you and the best group you were apart of for oh sooo many years (the Beatles). I hope you had a fantastic birthday.

    A fan forever!!!!!

    Mary from Chicago area

  7. I was lucky enough to be in the 5th row at Suffolk Downs, Boston on Aug. 18, 1966 and have been a fan for 46 1/2 years now. Seen Ringo a few times and Paul four times-it always amazes me how much energy they both still have for us, their fans! Love you both and Happy Birthday guys-many more. Thanks to whoever filmed this special moment on 07/07.

  8. Mark thanks for sharing this with us, how about this clip on the big screen of the Rosemont Ballroom for the “Fest” in 4 weeks, would love to see it again…..Awesome and 4 minutes of Beatles magic!

  9. wow,I have been a Beatles fan since 1964. Have seen all 4 seperate but never 2 together. I was out of State on July 7th but did see Ringo in Long Island. Wonderful show the only thing missing was of course Paul. We will always love the Beatles. I was real lucky got to meet Paul and Ringo in NYC. Wish i could have been there but I have seen the video at least 10 times. Who knows maybe now they will do it again since they had so much fun.

  10. This was a definitely a show to see. What songs did they play that night? Does anyone have a playlist?

  11. I saw Ringo in concert just about a week before his birthday at Mohegan Sun. I wish I could’ve seen Paul in concert!! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO!!!

  12. Ha, I made an entire Ludwig drum set birthday cake for Ringo every year for several during the height of Beatlemania. I’ve got photographs to prove it. I was just a 13-year old maniac like the rest of us.



  13. I so wish i was there!! I want to see a concert with both Ringo and Paul in it!! I LOVE THE BEATLES! Its like 40 years later and they are still the best band in the world!!!!!!!!
    To see them it would be a dream come true for me.Happy late birthday ringo!! i would do any thing to see you guys!

  14. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY PAUL IS MY FAVE BEATLE!!!!!! I wish they never broke up… makes me cry just to think about it…HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO

  15. I love you Ringo I can not fine the words to express my feeling about you and the Beatles what you all gave me. Peace Love Peace Love.

    GOD Bless

  16. My wife and I went to Ringo just like we have done for the past ten years or so when he plays radio city. When the finale came on and every musician in New York was on stage (including Sid Bernstein I believe) and Yoko was there I thought this was a special moment ….then the cake and Ringo humming to himself as he left….then the cake is pulled away and I said to my wife…something else is happening.

    Then, all at once the crowd knew. And the roof blew off. I was stunned…(and judging by his actions so was Ringo). I realized later that I was screaming for 3 minutes…just like my wife and the rest of the crowd ….and we are not teenagers. It was fifty/sixty year olds that blew the roof off of Radio City.

    As we walked out (or rather floated) I said that I cant remember the last time I screamed so much to which a guy behind me said ” no one has since 1966″. Amen.

    Thanks you Paul and Ringo for giving me the shock of my life…and very glad to have witnessed this reunion. It is some sort of emotional highlight that I cant organize in my head…it is still overwhelming…a month later. I guess that is the power of music.

    Steve Z

  17. I took the video, thats me at the end. It really did rock the house when Paul came on stage, it was hard holding the camara steady.

  18. Today is Dec. 24th, 2010 and I am going shortly to be with my family for Christmas, but had to open this e-mail from Mark’s Fest for Beatle fans and it was such a pleasure to read these comments! I grew up with the Beatles and they were a huge part of my life. Seeing this video again was so heartwarming as well as reading all the various comments about those who were LUCKY enough to experience that Beatle Birthday reunion night!!!! How I wish I could have been there!!!!!!!
    I could hardly stop crying. What an incredible feeling it must be to know that you have made such an impact in history and on peoples lives as the Beatles have. Paul is my favorite but I LOVE them both, and of course John & George and they are missed dearly. I am very grateful that the good Lord let me experience the magic of growing up with the Beatles and I keep them in my prayers always, for many things. Thanks Mark, for your site and the Fest as well. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 with all God’s blessings for Paul, Ringo and all big Beatles fan in the New Year!!!! 🙂

  19. I was there too and I will never forget it. I don’t think I ever was so excited in my life (okay, not recently). Great experience!

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