Fest Memories: The 25th Anniversary Fest Kicked Off 15 Years Ago Today

25 years ago today, at the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands in Secaucus, the 25th anniversary Fest kicked off.
During the celebration of The Beatles, time was also taken out to recognize the 25 year anniversary of when Fest founder Mark Lapidos met John Lennon – setting in motion the first ever Fest in 1974.
At the ’99 Fest, guests included Gordon Waller, Laurence Juber, The Quarrymen, Doris Troy, Louise Harrison, Al Brodax, and Tony Barrow.
As a great surprise on Friday night, legendary concert promoter Sid Bernstein stopped by.
Below, Mark Lapidos – wearing the same tuxedo he wore during the first Fest in 1974, cuts the 25th anniversary cake.



One thought on “Fest Memories: The 25th Anniversary Fest Kicked Off 15 Years Ago Today

  1. Congratulations. Although I’ve been a Beatles’ fan since the age of 12 (1964), I didn’t start attending Beatlefest until 2003. Thanks to Mark & Carol’s annual tradition of having fans & performers from all over come together, I was fortunate to meet The Quarrymen in 2007 & even more fortunate to perform & tour with them. Of course,the incredible experience of seeing & jamming with friends & Beatle fans is what makes the Fest the unique & phenomenal tradition for lots & lots of folks. Let the people gather, & let the music play !

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