Today In Beatles History: “Can’t Buy Me Love/You Can’t Do That” Certified Gold

On today’s date in 1964, with Beatlemania in full swing, the Beatles released “Can’t Buy Me Love” as a single with “You Can’t Do That” as the B side.
In an example of how hot the Beatles were at the time, the single was certified gold the same day it was released after advance sales in the United States exceeded 2.1 million.
A few weeks later, the Beatles made Billboard history, when their songs held the top 5 slots on the charts. It looked like this:
No. 1: “Can’t Buy Me Love”

No. 2: “Twist and Shout”

No. 3: “She Loves You”

No. 4: “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

No. 5: “Please Please Me”
While remembering just how remarkable the Beatles’ accomplishments were in 1964, let’s take a look at videos of some of the best live versions of the five songs that made history.
Can’t Buy Me Love:

Twist and Shout:

She Loves You:

I Want To Hold Your Hand:

Please Please Me:


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