“Out of College, Money Spent….” 10/1/1969

My Summer of ’69: Graduated college, went to Europe with my friend Bob, met John Lennon on 6/13/69 in front of the Apple offices. Walked around London all evening saying I want to work for The Beatles. Wandered for almost two months with a guitar and a wheel of Edam cheese, came back, went to my brother’s wedding, went to Woodstock, decided I had to be in the music business. October 1, 1969, I was out of college, my money was spent, I couldn’t find a job, and I lived at home (pay no rent). I decided to go to Sam Goody (large East Coast Record Chain) to try to get a job selling (Beatles) records. I walked into the store, and there it was, THAT cover, no writing, just an image of the four most recognized people on the planet walking across a street. Of course, I forgot all about asking about a job, bought the record (the actual one I am holding here – still in its original wrapping, just sliced open on the side) and went home to listen to it all night. “Out of college, money spent, see no future, pay no rent…” How did these four guys from Liverpool know EXACTLY where I was in my life on the exact day of its release?! I went back for an interview the next day, got the job, and was on my way to a wonderful 5 year career.

I may have “seen no future” then, but it was this job that led me to my idea of a 10th Anniversary Celebration of The Beatles Arrival in America.

“One sweet dream came true today! “


5 thoughts on ““Out of College, Money Spent….” 10/1/1969

  1. I remember when I walked past our little record/gift shop in Whitewater,WI,saw Meet the Beatles,hanging from the ceiling,went in and had the poor lady with the half falling down saggy nylons on climb on a ladder to get it down for me…fun times,and many records bought at “Helen’s”…she ordered a lot of records for me too…fun times!
    Loved reading your story mark,and always love seeing you and your family at the Hyatt in Rosemont each year…you’ve come down a long and winding road,and your festivals are wonderful!!! See you in August…yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

  2. Hi ,I’ve been to many beatlefest ,I have never met you but wanted to let you know that you ve done a great job over the years. Remember when mal was there,did you get to speak with him ? Ispeak with him briefly and I grilled him about the white album sessions!Remember Cynthia,tiny Tim what a great accomplisment .
    My dad worked for pan am and unloaded the Beatle plane! I still gave the hat mt dad wore at that scene,I may bring it in feb.what Sam goody did you work at ,I visited the one in Roosevelt field in garden city.I also was in the park with the march of dimes thing with John,I chase the car to the Pierre
    Hotel.Also I knew Jay Hastings do you know who he was?? Well please end responceif you can.
    Look forward
    To meeting you in feb. Vinnie

  3. I would love to reblog this, if I may? Please check out my blog and see how our stories are similar in the way those Liverpudlian Lads changed our lives! Loved this article 🙂

  4. I got bit by The Beatles upon hearing Love Me Do! And when Please, Please Me hit the charts, it was like a bolt out of the blue! There had been nothing like them before, and there has been nothing like them since! Yes there have been Solo artists and Groups, but they had the Beatles as a yardstick (something to measure/gauge public opinion) by! They had nothing or no-one before them, everything they did was a first of! They opened music up, especially to us youngsters of the time! I find it unbelievable that Englebert Humperdinck’s Release Me could keep the fantastic Strawberry Fields off the number one spot! At this moment in time I am awaiting the release of Beatles at the Beeb vol 2. I have everything they released, in vinyl and cd format, and also a loads of stuff that was never given a EMI/Capitol release! To sum it up, been a fan for 50 years, and cant see me stopping now!

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