Happy Birthday John (and Sean)

lennonToday, October 9th would have been John’s 69th Birthday. Although we can only imagine what the last 29 years would have been like, musically, we must accept his body of work and LISTEN TO IT, today. Just about John’s entire catalogue is remastered, so put on a CD and think about John and all the peace, love and happiness he gave to the world. A very precious gift indeed. We send a Happy Birthday wish to Sean, who celebrates his 34th today. On a personal note, my (Mark’s) Father also shared John’s birthday. Every year I would tell him, “Hey Dad, today is also John Lennon’s Birthday!” He would say, “Really”, every year for many years. It was a running joke for a long time. Thanks for the image, Lou.


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday John (and Sean)

  1. we’ll all miss john, for as long as we live, we’ll always hear thier music and think of john (and the 4 lads also). i’m always listening to thier music, it never ends and thier music never will, i remember where and what i was doing when the very sad news (and the uncalled for act to john) came over the radio (WBLM) 102.9 FM (portland maine).b
    ut i jus want to say that i miss john very much, BEATLES 4EVER

  2. Happy Birthday John, I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed you. Your unwavering optimism you instilled in our souls carried us through the turbulent sixties into the self-indulgent Disco of the seventies began to die that cold empty December night when you were called home. I do believe in my heart of hearts that you would be the same spirit today as you were then. You’d look at the same world that embitters our souls today and scold us for being crybabies. I remember you saying words to that effect in a Playboy or Rolling Stone interview. You told us to keep trying, but it’s hard, John. I wish you were still here. You lifted us; you gave us “fight”. Your words still shine through the wisdom you wrote, but it’s not the same. The world is an never ending pit of dark freefall without a bottom. Rest easy.

  3. Hey, John, your music, words, thoughts and inspirations live on today. They cannot ever be snuffed out. Anyway, all I want is the truth, also, and listening to your music brings me closer to it, I feel, just give me some truth! Right-On

  4. Missing John very much. Never forget that horrible day that took his life, my mom died 3 days later, she was an awesome musician…sometimes wonder if they met up together to play a song or two?

  5. I just wounder how much different the world would be now,he had a powerful voice,and alot to say.Happy Birthday John.
    miss you to George.

  6. I flew from Denver, CO into NY on Oct 8th 2009 and was in Cetral Park on the 9th for John’s Birthday, the crowd gathered slowly along with the musicians, they play John’s music all day and night, as the crowd thickened, the energy was unbelievable. People were just happy and chanting his music for hours on end. It gave me chills. John was like no other, we will miss him forever and always remember what he stood for…GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, we love you John.

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