Beatles Saluted During “The Night That Changed America.”

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform together during last night’s taping of “The Night That Changed America.”

By Danny Abriano
Last night in Los Angeles, CBS taped what will become the Beatles special titled “The Night That Changed America.”  The special will air on February 9th to mark the 50th anniversary of the appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.
A night after they united to perform on stage at the Grammy Awards, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr again took to the stage together – this time to perform Beatles hits.
The two legends had more than a little help from their friends during last night’s star-studded concert.  If you want to be surprised when the special airs, read no further.
Some of the stars who performed at the show were Maroon 5 (“All My Loving”), Alicia Keys and John Legend (“Let It Be”), Imagine Dragons (“Revolution”), Dave Grohl with Jeff Lynne (“Hey Bulldog”), the reunited Eurythmics (“Fool on the Hill”), and Stevie Wonder (“We Can Work It Out”).
As was the case last night, the highlights of the evening were provided by those central to the world of The Beatles.
Dhani Harrison, the son of George, took to the stage to play “Something” with George’s one-time bandmate (Traveling Wilburys) Jeff Lynne.
Ringo Starr performed “Matchbox,” “Boys,” and “Yellow Submarine,” and Paul McCartney performed “Magical Mystery Tour,” “Birthday,” “Get Back,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”
Paul and Ringo again performed together, this time belting out “With A Little Help From My Friends” and “Hey Jude” (with Ringo on drums).
“The Night That Changed America” will air on CBS on February 9th.


24 thoughts on “Beatles Saluted During “The Night That Changed America.”

  1. I think it’s very nice indeed to have invited Dhani Harrison to take part in this celebration. On the other hand, it’s odd and unexcusable NOT to have Julian and Sean Lennon participate. SHAME on the organizers!!!

  2. It changed my life 50 years ago. Can’t wait. Mr. Nemer. do we know that Julian and Sean were not invited or did they decline. I wouldn’t be shaming anybody until we know the facts, but I would have loved to have had them play.

  3. I was only 23 months old when they appeared on Ed Sullivan but I am an absolute Beatles freak. I can’t wait for this to air, but I do agree with earlier comments that it would’ve been totally complete with one (or both) of John’s sons!!

  4. They forever changed my life. My mother almost wasn’t going to let me watch Sullivan that night because her favorite show was on opposite Ed’s. I won the telly that night. Within a week, I had every Beatle record that was available in the States at that time. I still have them. All the LPs (British and American), most of the original 45 singles, and all the CDs except the most recent remastered American recordings. The Beatles were then and still are my therapy. That music sounds as clean and fresh today as it did back then, sometimes even more so. My world almost ended when they called it quits. I couldn’t imagine this world without The Beatles. Then came all the solo stuff that we probably would have never heard had they not split apart. That two of them are not even here today still with us is almost unthinkable. I can’t help but wonder what the four of them could do together today!

  5. Last night was truly a magical evening. I sat in front of the television 50 years ago as a wide eyed 7 year old. They changed my life for sure from that moment on. I felt blessed being there to celebrate. Paul and Ringo were in high spirits and everyone was having a blast. While equipment was being set up for the next act, they showed Beatle clips and it was wonderful watching the lads faces as they watched themselves on the screen. Paul had quite a laugh when they showed the Penny Lane video and they were having that fancy dinner out on the field.

  6. I spent my teenage years as a Beatles fan….Having All of their records & memorizing all their lyrics…….The highlight of my time loving the Beatles came when I was fortunate to Meet & become friends with the late John Lennon in L.A. back in ’73…He was a remarkable man & a sensational songwriter….I will indeed be watching & recording the entire show……Peace be with you all……”All we need is Love”

  7. I agree, Julian and Sean should have been included. I remember watching them on The Ed Sullivan Show three Sunday nights in a row. I can still remember what I wore, the white leather foot stool I sat on 5 inches from our black and white set. I went on to see them live in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 21, 1966. So glad to have been part of Beatlemania!!!!

  8. There were many good artist’s during the ’60’s but The Beatle’s were special. It’s as if they burnt an imprint into your soul, to remain for the rest of your life! It’s quite fascinating to think, that by juggling a few note’s they made such an impression.

  9. One of the most memorable moments of my youth… I remember that night as if it was last night. A very good memory, They were great that night…, yet they had not reached their true greatness as THE BEATLES!

  10. The night the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show I was 4 years old and 4 months, I have a great memory. First was when Kennedy was shot, I just turned 4, my Mom Crying in front of the TV…………….Then the night that continues into my live, was seeing the Beatles on the TV. I have 3 older sister’s the older two were screaming, my other sister and I who was 7 copied my two oldest sister’s by screaming also!!! I loved them then, I love them know. I feel blue, I put on early Beatles, they bring me to a happy place, when things were so simple! And can always listen, I am a true “Beatle Freak”!!!

  11. In simple words they are the greatest ! I was only 8 when they came to Manila on July 4, 1966 and they really really thrilled & got a hold on me up to the present. I know John & George are smiling wherever they are. We are so blessed to have them. Their fond memories will never change. Beatles Forever !


  13. This will be great – I have loved The Beatles since that day in 1064 and always will ! What a shame that Julian and Sean were not included – I know that Julian offered to be involved. The fans would have loved seeing all of them together !

  14. I love reading everyone’s memories from February 9, 1964! The memory of seeing The Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan is as clear in my mind now, as if it just happened. I was just 13, so you know what age that makes me now!

    The Beatles DID save us, they gave us joy to last us our whole lives! They truly did change the world! They have been my companions, my friends and have never failed to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day. I loved that someone else said they were their therapy! It’s so true for me, too. I am so grateful that I was born exactly at the time I was, to be able to appreciate, love, and enjoy The Beatles all my life! I was also so fortunate to have had a cool Mom that took my friends and me to see The Beatles in Chicago in ’65, and Detroit in ’66! She took off her high heels and stood on the chairs, just like everyone else did!

    I truly believe that a higher power gifts our planet occasionally, with music that will last forever, that is beyond human comprehension in it’s genius. How else can you explain such miracles as The Beatles, Mozart, Beethoven & Bach?

    Thank you, thank you, John, Paul, George & Ringo for bringing the world such happiness! We love you, Beatles Forever!

  15. I have watched the show twice. Loved it!! Is there going to be a CD available of all the wonderful songs from that show?

  16. is there a cd available? I have to change my direct tv receiver and i will lose it on my recording I did. Was so beautiful.

  17. Yep – I repeat Tami (May 7 2014 at 11:58am) – Is there a cd available does anyone know. I have taped the show and play it over and over for While my guitar gently weeps – which I thought was out of this world!!

  18. So! I’ve just seen this now on YouTube! It’s 2020! Surely it’s been made into a DVD by now but I can’t find it????? I’m writing this 5 years after it was shown on american TV, I’m in Australia. Julian & Sean should have been involved no doubt, but where does it end, where’s James, Heather, Stella & Mary, Zak & Jason?

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