A Day to Celebrate and Remember John

John on the set of Help, 1965

33 years later, we still have trouble getting through this day. It was the most senseless moment in our lifetime. Yet, we must accept it and try to honor John the best way we can, through his music and message of Peace and Love. What can you do to further that powerful message to change the world for the better? Of course, our thoughts are always with Yoko, Sean and Julian on this day as well. So, go ahead, listen to a Breakfast With The Beatles show – all are saluting and celebrating John’s meteoric life today. His music is always going to be part of the fabric of our lives. And that alone, makes us want to Celebrate the life of John Lennon on this day. On a personal note, those times I spent with John ranks up near the top of my most cherished moments of my life. We all shine on…


2 thoughts on “A Day to Celebrate and Remember John

  1. I will forever admire and love John. He was such a magic person to me. I stayed with him all through his years – both good and bad – never doubting his abilities and always loved every piece of music he did. He was a truly remarkable man and I love and miss him terribly. Just IMAGINE what else he could have given us!

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