Yesterday on Facebook, we asked what your favorite date in Beatles history was, and what a wonderful mix of answers you gave! From birthdays to historical moments to personal memories, here’s a smattering of the Beatles Timeline, as told by you. (Click here for more memorable Beatles dates!)

And the 3 winners of the calendars are:Β  Luis Hestres, Maria Luque and Jen Caliendo. Please send your addresses to Jackie at thefest dot com. Congratulations all!

Shannon Hintz- July 7, 1940… WHEN RINGO WAS BORN!!!!! πŸ˜€

Katie Gates- Johnny boys birthday!! Oct 9, 1940
Corey Lyn Nester- β€Ž18 June 1942- Paul McCartney is born and therefore will be destined to become a Beatle. YAY!

Laurie Dykas Hull- β€Ž2-24-1943 George’s birthdate! LOVE GEORGE!! β™₯β™₯β™₯

Luis Hestres- July 6, 1957: the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney. No other Beatles date is more important. Everything flows from that day.

Sassi Theune- β€Ž17. August 1960: The boys gave their first concert, under the Name “Beatles”.


Chris Bandy- August 18th 1962 Ringo is the Beatles new drummer

Jennifer Fingard- January 20, 1964 : Meet the Beatles lp is released. Its my favorite because my mom was born on January 20,1964 and it was the first Beatles lp I ever owned!

Sherry King- February 7, 1964 of course! The Beatles landed in America and changed the music culture of America and across the world. What a great 28th birthday that must have been for my Mom. I’ve always been so jealous!!

Kelly Story- February 9, 1964…The night The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan show and the night I was conceived.

Maria Luque- August 15, 1965 The Beatles play at Shea Stadium- because august 15 is my birthday!!! πŸ™‚

Katie Cochran- Dec. 3rd, 1965 – Rubber Soul released. My fave album! Dec. 3rd this year should’ve been the day my daughter was born, but she was impatient and came on Oct. 25th instead.

Kathy Culwell-Β  August 29, 1966 at Candlestick Park San Francisco. Final concert together. I wasn’t there ! too young.

Amanda White App- June 1, 1967 WHY???? SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEART CLUB BAND came out!!! that albums many generes… with the Indian, jazz, classical… etc… man that album changed my life forever!!!!

Don Romano- β€Ž28 July 1968 – ‘Mad Day Out’ photo session. They looked their coolest here.

Joe DiMuro- β€Ž08.26.1968 “Hey Jude” was released as the first single from The Beatles’ record label Apple Records.

Trudi Fisher Cabrera- Jan. 30, 1969. Apple building rooftop concert.

Crystal Calderon Ayala- October 6 1969, “Something” is released. First time ever that a Harrison song is on the a side of a single. My most favorite song ever!

Maria Luque Wait- no I got it. April 28 1974 the day mr mark lapidos met john. Hahah do I win do I win????

Elizabeth Andres- April 24th 1976, the day of lorne michaels’s offer for the Beatles to appear on SNL because John and Paul “supposedly” were watching it together and were going to go down to Studio 8!

Jen Caliendo- September 14, 1991 – my 9th birthday. My uncle put a pair of those gigantic old headphones on me and played the Sgt. Pepper album for me. That was the first time I ever heard The Beatles and I have been hooked ever since! My uncle has since passed, but I will never forget that day and cherish that he passed his love of the Fab Four on to me

Jay Reednzl- August 31, 1999. Yellow Submarine on VHS/DVD. My introduction to the greatest band of all time.

Scott O’Rourke- Nov 29 2002 The Concert For George

Carol Ames- November 8, 2005 – I had FRONT row tickets to see Paul in San Jose, CA. He not only SIGNED and POSED WITH the painting I had done of him but his DVD (The Space Within US) shows him signing it!! He also is seen on the DVD carrying the flowers I had brought for him and tossed on stage. Hands down the BEST day of my LIFE!

Connor Langan- September 9th 2009 the day the beatles rock band came out. It reinstalled my love for them and then it made me happier thanks to that game I got hooked on the greatest band ever.


4 thoughts on “BEATLES TIMELINE: As Told By You

  1. Wow…I’ve never been big on dates, but any date involving The Beatles is the perfect date by me πŸ™‚ Oh, but if I could only remember the day I bought my first Beatle album…that would be a particular date of joy for me…and just being floored by their wealth of musical material. Naturally, I vaguely knew who The Beatles were prior to that day, but MAN!!!, when I turned that ole stereo turntable on, watched the vinyl spinning with the name Beatles on it, listening to each song, and saying to myself…’Man, I know these songs!!!’ From that day to now, there has never been any other band for me. Long live the greatest band of all time, THE BEATLES, and most definately with an “A” πŸ™‚

  2. Well, it would HAVE to be August 30th, 1964 when I actually got to meet George Harrison (MY HERO) at The Lafayette Motor Inn in Atlantic City, New Jersey!
    …under some v-e-r-y unusual circumstances, but… nonetheless… πŸ™‚

    I was only sixteen then… such a long time ago… but I can STILL see that handsome face in front of me… hear that perfect Liverpudlian accent.

    I was one lucky kid!

  3. Every Beatles date is important to me, but two years ago at Christmas, would have to be an important date as my ‘rents live in a very remote area, (were talking blocks to the nearest neighbor). I had come to visit for the holidays, and they bought me Beatles notepads — in such a small town, they would have been hardpressed to come by it easily. Oh, and when I was a baby, my mom made me a Beatles cake for my b-day in May.

  4. My favorite date in history of the Beatles is the day when John met Paul, the U.S. release of the white album- November 25th my dad’s birthday, the day when Mark met John

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