beatles-stamps.jpgWEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH UPDATE: The First Day Issue Stamps (#1502) finally arrived in our warehouse yesterday and all will be sent out by today. This leaves only the set of 10 First Day Issue stamps still not here yet. They tell me it shouldn’t be too much longer. Thanks for your patience.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13TH UPDATE: On January 9, 2007, The Royal Mail in England issued a series of Beatles Stamps – 6 Stamps are of Beatles Albums and 4 are of Memorabilia. This marks that first time that they have issued stamps of living people. We have ordered a huge supply and expect them in next week. We will post the various configurations on the web as soon as they arrive. We will have Presentation Packs, First Day of Issue Stamps, Postcards, and a uniqueseries of 10 First Day of Issue stamps that no one else will be offering. Stay tuned!!!.