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BRAND NEW - All copies signed by Jenny Boyd - There have been innumerable 'rock star' biographies and music histories before, but there is no book that presents the deepest, innermost thoughts from some of the industry's most legendary musicians on not only how they create, but what drives their creative process. Have you ever wondered how your favourite rock stars get inspired? How they write a song? How an album is put together? What made them choose a life devoted to music?
Written and compiled by Jenny Boyd, who has lived at the heart of the rock world since the 1960s and experienced many of its most iconic moments, the book contains interviews with each musician to give the reader a compelling and groundbreaking insight into the creative process at the heart of each rock star's musical success. From Eric Clapton to Mick Fleetwood, Joni Mitchell to George Harrison, this is a bible of rock royalty that provides an intimate portrait of their craft.
This is the perfect book for any fan that wants to know more about their favorite musicians and bands - or any budding composer and performer who wants a unique insight into how the world's most legendary rock stars created and delivered their greatest music. Hardcover, 419 pages. Jenny signed all unsold copies at the 50th Anniversary FEST in FEB, 2024. While supply lasts.

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