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BRAND NEW - Signed by Debbie Gendler Publication Date, Feb. 6, 2024 - This is the story of a New Jersey teenager who managed to accomplish what millions only dreamed about. Prior to The Beatles arrival in America, Debbie met with the group's manager Brian Epstein regarding the establishment of a US Fan Club. At the start of The Beatles' historic 1965 Summer tour, she was the only teen to welcome them to America, and after their press conference at The Warwick Hotel she finally meets them in person. Continuing her journey, Debbie recounts her unique and sometimes wacky experiences having witnessed first-hand some of the most historic events in pop culture. She shares concert antics from Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Shea Stadium and Suffolk Downs and describes the mayhem outside the Plaza Hotel and later that year at the Delmonico Hotel, chanting for The Beatles. Organizing fans to sleep on Broadway to purchase tickets for 'A Hard Day's Night', representing the Official Beatles Fan Club on television, and promoting the Ringo for President novelty record are just some of the requests she fulfilled as one of the band's leading ambassadors in the US. Softcover, 304 pages.

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