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BRAND NEW by Aaron Badgely. This book tells the story of the label from the beginning, through its struggles and to its new and exciting renaissance. In 1974, as Apple was winding down, George Harrison and Ringo Starr both wanted to help new artists, so rather than trying to salvage Apple Records, each created their own label. Ringo established Ring'o Records, while George created Dark Horse Records, set up to be a much smaller scale label, releasing records from new artists as well as some of his old friends, with an eye to eventually releasing his own solo music. While Dark Horse had an encouraging beginning with a hit single from Splinter in 1974, the label started suffering some problems, failing to establish itself the way George hoped. However, some incredible music from a variety of artists was created from 1974 to 1977 and some of his best solo material would come out on the label. In in the end, Dark Horse Records would only release George Harrison's solo work (for the most part), but since 2020, Dhani Harrison has taken over the reins and has made Dark Horse a viable label once again, signing Cat Stevens, Billy Idol and releasing music from Joe Strummer and Leon Russell. Finally, in 2023, it was announced that George's entire solo catalogue was going to be rereleased on Dark Horse. Softcover, 208 pages - Bookplate Signed

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