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6499 - THE BEATLES AND ME ON TOUR New '24 Ed. - Signed by IVOR DAVIS


BRAND NEW, Signed Copies, expanded 2024 Edition. Foreign correspondent Ivor Davis was embedded with the Beatles on their triumphant l964 North American tour—as the only daily newspaper reporter to travel with them from start to finish. Rock and Roll history was writ large. Criss-crossing North America on their private jet, in limo number two, Davis sped from airport, to hotel, to venue and was given astonishing, 24/7 access to John, Paul, George and Ringo. He was George’s ghostwriter, and in this award winning, 60th Anniversary book, “The Beatles and Me on Tour,” Ivor dishes up new, riveting, funny, behind the scenes stories that only an insider knows.

Ivor will be a Special Guest at our upcoming Chicago Fest, Aug. 9-11.

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Model: 6499