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2 DVD SET By Scott Freiman. Join this "Beatleologist" on a lively educational journey from Liverpool to Hamburg to The World Stage.

At first John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Richard Starkey were just four Liverpool teenagers who picked up their instruments and decided to play music. With no formal training or ability to read music, they tried to emulate their American rock heroes. Within a few years, they would change music history (and the world) forever.

This 2-film set traces the band's early years, from a fateful garden party in 1957 to the "Toppermost of the Poppermost" by the end of 1963.

* Deconstructing The Birth Of The Beatles - explores the path from the young
Beatles' early days as the Quarrymen to their musical transformation in Hamburg.
Learn about their first recording sessions. Expierence their first performances at
the Casbah Club, the Kaiserkeller and the Cavern. Witness the friendly rivalry
with Rory Storm, featuring Ringo Starr. Join manager Brian Epstein as he
desperately to get them a recording contract. Suffice to say, it's an adventure
filled with twists, turns and crazy coincidences.

* Decontructing The Beatles' 1963: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! - In late 1962, The Beatles
stepped into EMI studios for the first time, meeting producer George Martin. Over
the next 18 months, they would release four number-one singles and two number
one albums while becoming international superstars. Learn how The Beatles
adapted musical ideas and made them their own. Be amazed at the primitive
technology they used to create their early hits. And experience the insane
schedule as they charmed the press, their fans, and the world at large. It was a
year like no other!

When you buy the DVD's, you'll also get a year of access to the streaming versions - FREE!

* Special Features (DVD Only):
* Audience Q&A from each film
* Mini deconstruction video on the "wind up piano" the band used on every one of
its albums.

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