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by Scott Freiman, who delves into the creative process behind many of the tracks recorded by The Beatles in late 1966 and 1967 that make up the album.
Learn how two completely separate versions of "Strawberry Fields Forever" were seamlessly combined for the final song. Uncover the secret song tributes that George Martin placed in "All You Need Is Love" (and how they got him into trouble). Witness the songwriting and recording techniques behind "A Fool On The Hill", "Penny Lane", and "Blue Jay Way". And be amazed at the work that went into creating The Beatles' psychedelic masterpiece, "I Am The Walrus".
No matter how much you know about this legendary music, you'll gain a new appreciation for The Beatles after watching this DVD.

* Special Features:
* Audience Q&A from the film
* Mini deconstruction video on "Baby You're A Rich Man"

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