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LIMITED EDITION - by Scott Freiman - Consider this 4 DVD Set your graduate course in "The Beatles". Join "Beatleologist" Scott Freiman as he gets deep inside the creative process behind 4 landmark Beatles Albums: UPDATE!! - 7/9/2021 We have copies back in stock and they are Signed!!

* The Beatles (The White Album): The best-selling album of the entire 1960's
* Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: It changed the course of The Beatles' career
and of pop music.
* Rubber Soul: Make a masterpiece, from scratch, in 30 days? No problem!
* Revolver: Often topping best-album-ever lists, this is a high-water mark, even by
outrageously high Beatle standards.

Each DVD comes packed with cool bonus features and should completely satisfy your inner music geek. It's an educational journey you'll really enjoy.

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