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1273 - McCARTNEY l / ll / lll 3 CD BOX SET


BRAND NEW - August 5, 2022 Release. RESERVE NOW! The eponymous Solo albums written, performed and produced by Paul McCartney from 1970, 1980, and 2020. Includes 3 CDs with 3 Limited Edition Photo Prints and an Introduction from Sir Paul, all in a beautiful slipcase box.
Bookending 50 years of unparalleled work, each album demonstrates Paul's restless creativity and adventurous artistic spirit.
In an unrivaled career, Paul has been willing to take risks and have fun along the way - breaking chart records, box office records, winning countless awards and remaining one of the world's most influential and revered artists of all time. McCartney, McCartney ll, and McCartney lll captured and documented landmark moments of his singular career, each offering a personal snapshot of a unique artist at a particular moment in time.
Written, performed, and produced by Paul, his three eponymous, career-spanning solo albums (1970's McCartney, 1980's McCartney ll, and 2020's McCartney lll) will now be packaged together and available in one Special Box Set for the first time.


McCartney -

A1. The Lovely Linda
A2. That Would Be Something
A3. Valentine Day
A4. Every Night
A5. Hot As Sun
A6. Glasses
A7. Junk
A8. Man We Was Lonely
B1. Oo You
B2. Momma Miss America
B3. Teddy Boy
B4. Singalong Junk
B5. Maybe I'm Amazed
B6. Kreen-Akrore

McCartney ll -

A1. Coming Up
A2. Temporary Secretary
A3. On The Way
A4. Waterfalls
A5. Nobody Knows
B1. Front Parlour
B2. Summer's Day Song
B3. Frozen Jap
B4. Bogey Music
B5. Darkroom
B6. One Of These Days

McCartney lll -

A1. Long Tailed Winter Bird
A2. Find My Way
A3. Pretty Boys
A4. Women And Wives
A5. Lavatory Lil
A6. Slidin'
B1. Deep Deep Feeling
B2. The Kiss Of Venus
B3. Seize The Day
B4. Deep Down
B5. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes

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