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BRAND NEW - VOLUME 1: 1969-1973 Signed by Allan Kozinn and Adrian Sinclair. Hardcover, 720 pages. Both authors signed all copies on Dec 14th at their book launch art the Grammy Museum in Newark, NJ, exclusively for the FEST, and we thank them for it.

Set against the backdrop of The Beatles splintering over both business and creative issues, The McCartney Legacy: Volume 1: 1969-73 covers a period in which Paul recreated himself, both as a man and as a musician. This is an in-depth and revealing exploration of his creative life beyond The Beatles - featuring hundreds of interviews with fellow musicians, tour managers, recording engineers, producers, filmmakers and more.
The story of the Beatles has been told many times, covering all periods and perspectives. Paul's work in the 53 years since the Fab Four's breakup has been extraordinarily successful and enduringly popular-his 26 post-Beatles albums have sold upwards of 86.5 million copies. His 2019 FRESHEN UP tour was the highest grossing tour ever, in the entire world; and his last solo album McCartney III debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart and #2 on Billboard 200. Beside his extraordinary, creative solo output, he has collaborated with the most influential artists of his generation and the next: from Elvis Costello to Stevie Wonder, from Michael Jackson to Dave Grohl, even with Johnny Cash and Kanye West. Paul, too, has explored new poetry styles with Allen Ginsburg and teamed up with Peter Martins and the NYC Ballet to create "Ocean's Kingdom" and the list goes on from there. This has all been done post-Beatles, while maintaining a mostly normal family life. Paul has lived ten lifetimes in the span of one and become increasingly more relevant, yet curiously, his creative output since the Beatles has never had the full exploration such a life and body of work demands.

"The McCartney Legacy" gives Paul's post-Beatles life and work the kind of in-depth treatment that Mark Lewisohn has given the Beatles, and Philip Norman has given John. It is the first truly comprehensive biography, and the most finely detailed exploration of Paul's creative life , ever undertaken.

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