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The Story Of The Beatles North American Fan Club. Signed by Sara Schmidt. The story about the Beatles Fan Club in North America has never been told in over 50 years. This book tells the story of The Beatles fan clubs in the United States and Canada from 1963-1972. The Beatles had a lot of love and respect for their fan club members and frequently met them while they were touring North America. The stories of fan club members who met The Beatles are shared. The Official Beatles Fan Club in New York City did not meet the fans' expectations, so many quit and started independent fan clubs. When The Beatles stopped touring, the fan club members traveled to London, and many met John, Paul, George, and Ringo outside the recording studio and their homes. The Official Beatles Fan Club changed hands and threatened to sue the independent clubs, which was a quite controversial. The fan club continued even after The Beatles had broken up and has impacted Beatles fans today. Dear Beatle People will take you back to the 1960s to relive the Beatles fan club era and imagine what it was like to have been in a Beatles fan club. Remember the wild and craze Teenage fan magazines that were popular in the 1960s and have a new appreciation for the hard work and dedication it took to run a Beatles fan club. Hardcover, 370 pages.


* Previously unseen photographs
* Beatles fan club memorabilia
* Unheard stories about meeting the Beatles
* Checklist of Beatles fan club memorabilia
and photographs

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