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In 1964, Beatlemania flooded the U.S. The Beatles appeared live on the Ed Sullivan Show anad embarked on their first tour of North America--and they spent more time in Florida than anywhere else. Good Day Sunshine State dives into this momentous time and place, exploring the band's seismic influence on the people and culture of the state. Kealing sets the Historical stage for the band's arrival - a nation dazed after the assassination of JFK and on the precipice of the Vietnam War; a heavily segregated, conservative South; and in Florida, recent events that included the arrest & imprisonment of Martin Luther King Jr. in St. Augustine.
Through an abundance of letters, memorabilia and interviews with journalists, fellow musicians, and fans, Kealing takes readers behind the scenes into The Beatles' time in locations such as Miami Beach, where they wrote new songs and met Muhammad Ali. In the tropical environs of Key West, John and Paul experienced milestone moments in their friendship. And the band dodged the path of Hurricane Dora to play at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, where they famously refused to perform until the city agreed to integrate the audience. This book offers a close look at an important part of the musical and cultural Revolution that helped make The Beatles a Worldwide Phenomenon. Soft Cover, 256 pages.

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