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BRAND NEW -Pre-Order Price Includes Shipping From Genesis Publications-

12/13/22 UPDATE FROM GENESIS. there has been a last minute production issue that has delayed Deluxe copies until January. It will be well worth the wait.

Reserve your Copy now. Shipping expected by November. Deluxe Edition of 500 copies numbered and hand signed by Olivia Harrison. ‘Here on the shore, twenty years later, my message in a bottle has reached dry land. Words about our life, his death but mostly love and our journey to the end.’– Olivia Harrison Genesis presents twenty poems dedicated to George, marking the twentieth year since his passing Featuring an introduction written by Martin Scorsese, Came the Lightening also includes a selection of photographs and mementos curated by Olivia, including pictures of herself and George, to accompany the twenty poems.

The Deluxe Edition includes:
• Signed by Olivia Harrison 
• Fully bound in yellow cloth
• Bronze foil blocking and page edging
• Three numbered and stamped photographic prints (5½" x 8")
• A traditional letterpress print (also 5½" x 8"), numbered and signed by Olivia Harrison
• A sacred heart milagro charm
• An engraved bookmark made from the wood of a felled oak from the grounds of Friar Park
• Solander folding case
• Only 500 Deluxe box sets

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