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THE BEATLES AND THE WORLD IN 1968 - PLATE SIGNED By Brian Southall. From a writer and music industry insider who worked with The Beatles comes a comprehensive look at the band's only double album-and the world in which they recorded it.

The Summer of Love - and many of the free, progressive ideas associated with it--was truly over by 1968, which saw disruption in the factories and revolution on the streets. This turmoil was reflected by The Beatles in the studio where, without the distraction of live performance, they adapted to life after Brian Epstein and with the addition of Yoko Ono. The result, officially called The Beatles but universally known as "The White Album", featured an eccentric, eclectic mixture of styles, techniques, and unconventional songs.
This in-depth exploration of The Beatles' classic work has two parts: the A side is the definitive guide to the album, the recording, and the events surrounding it, along with interviews with the people involved. The B-side focuses on the world between 1967 and 1969, and how politics, technology, sports and entertainment affected people's lives...and caused music to change its tune with the times. Hardcover, 192 pages that include 150 color and black & white photos.

There Are Two Sides To Every Story - And Record...
The "A-side" of this book is a detailed, in-depth look at the only double album ever released by The Beatles. In addition to assessing how it was recorded, released and received, author Brian Southall has interviewed the people who reviewed, bought and helped create the record now known universally as "The White Album".
The "B-side" of this book focuses on the world between 1967 and 1969, as love and peace gave way to unrest and revolution. It also looks at how people's lives around the world were influenced and affected by events in politics, technology, sport and entertainment - and an album called simply, "The Beatles". Hardcover, 192 pages that include 150 color and black & white photos. Brian lives in the UK and has written numerous outstanding books on The Beatles. He even worked on the Sgt. Pepper Box Set from 2017. This is the first time he is plate signing his book so we can offer our customers signed copies. Foreword by Chris Thomas.

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