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SIGNED by Bruce Spizer. In January 1969, the Beatles abandoned the familiar setting of EMI Studios on Abbey Road by rehearsing at Twickenham Film Studios and recording an album's worth of songs in the basement and on the roof of Apple's Savile Row headquarters. Their next session was at Trident Studios. During the next few months, the Beatles held recording sessions with producers George Martin, Chris Thomas and Glyn Johns at Abbey Road and Olympic Studios.

After this erratic start to the year, the group decided it was time to get back to where they once belonged. That July, the Beatles returned to Abbey Road, where seven years earlier they had their first recording session with George Martin. During the next few months, the bandĀ recaptured the magic and camaraderie that was at times missing during the January sessions. The resulting album, Abbey Road, was issued in the Fall, quickly topping the charts. Although the group's January 1969 recordings would eventually be issued on Let It BeĀ in May 1970, Abbey Road would be the last album recorded by the Beatles. This latest book in Bruce Spizer's Beatles album series covers all of the records released by the Beatles in 1969 from the "Get Back" single to Abbey Road.

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