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6409 - SIGNED: DREAM LOVERS: JOHN & YOKO IN NYC-Photos by Brian Hamill


Hard Cover 128 pages, 106 B & W Photos. John Lennon is seen here in several sessions in New York, performing on stage in 1972, relaxed at home and walking on the street with Yoko Ono. Renowned celebrity photojournalist Brian Hamill delivers his own insider view of this Beatles icon, through intense, intimate photographic portraits and insightful text. Whether John is dominating the stage, posing on the roof of the Dakota building, or relaxing with Yoko, Hamill's photography takes this quasi-mythical figure from the world of Rock 'n' Roll and shows him as the man he really was. "Brian looked at the John Lennon who had become an icon and saw instead a familiar face. He saw a working-class hero like those that built the City of New York. And so when John Lennon came to live in New York, Brian captured him as a New Yorker, in the joyous images that you will find in this book." - Pete Hamill. Foreword by Alec Baldwin. Author Brian Hamill has agreed to sign these books for the FEST.

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Model: 6409