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BOOKPLATE SIGNED by Jerry Hammack. The fifth & Final book of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC)-nominated, critically -acclaimed book series, "The Beatles Recording Reference Manual: Volume 5: Let It Be Through Abbey Road (1969-1970)" In Volume 5, The Beatles get back to where they once belonged not once, but twice. With "Let It Be", they attempted to recapture the spontaneity of their early years and recordings, while "Abbey Road" was a different kind of return - to the complexity, finish and polish that they had applied to their work beginning with "Revolver" and through to "The Beatles" (also known as "The White Album").

The recording of each song is described step-by-step, revealing the backing tracks, overdubs, edits, and remixes that led to the final release versions the world knows and loves. Easy to follow diagrams offer insight into the recording process at each major milestone. Detailed appendices expose the behind the scenes work accomplished in each session and reveal every piece of gear and studio equipment used to create their landmark recordings.

Song by song and session by session, discover the musicians and technicians, studios, gear, and techniques used by The Beatles to create their musical masterpieces.

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