The Original & Longest Running Beatles Celebration, Since 1974!




  • Louise Harrison, George's big sister, is the author of  My Kid Brother's Band...a.k.a. The Beatles. In the book, Louise covers lots of interesting Beatles topics from the inside looking out, including her efforts to help promote the arrival of the Beatles in America in 1964 (Louise was living in Illinois at the time).


    After appearing last year, for the first time in 16 years, Louise makes an encore visit to the New York Metro Fest. Again, she'll be bringing along her grandson, Tory Rodgers, who shares a resemblance to and encapsulates the spirit of his Grand Uncle George.




    1993 - Chicago, Los Angeles
    1994 - New York Metro, Chicago, Los Angeles
    1995 - New York Metro, Los Angeles, Chicago
    1996 - New York Metro, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco
    1997 - New York Metro, Chicago, Los Angeles
    1998 - Chicago, Los Angeles
    1999 - Chicago, Orlando
    2015 - Chicago
    2016 - New York Metro, Chicago


    Louise talks about George and the Beatles on CNN:

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