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This is The Beatles at their most inventive and imaginative stage. Considered a flop in its original release, in Paul's own words, "We Boobed". However, this film should not be approached as a "normal" film. This film is anything but normal, but as an art treasure. It is unique perspective of the time in which it was made from four incredible musicians looking down from the top of the world. The Beatles definately had the world at their feet at this time, but this was a time of internal turmoil that wasn't obvious on the surface. The Beatles were beginning their inevitable slide downward after the death of Brian and internal dissention from various interests, and it's more than evident here. But the music is still GREAT!!!, and as Paul noted, it's the only performance of I Am The Walrus, so it's worth it just for that. It's hardly The Beatles best work here, but give the film a chance. Oh, and look for deleted scenes, and special narrative from Sir Paul for the Blu-Ray release!!! ROLL UP!!! :)
Date Added: 08/23/2012 by Donald Doboszewski