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Disc 1
1. Mumbo (Side A)
2. Bip Bop (Side A)
3. Love Is Strange (Side A)
4. Wild Life (Side A)
5. Some People Never Know (Side B)
6. I Am Your Singer (Side B)
7. Bip Bop Link (Side B)
8. Tomorrow (Side B)
9. Dear Friend (Side B)
10. Mumbo Link (Side B)
Disc 2
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight (Side A)
2. Bip Bop (Side A)
3. Hey Diddle (Side A)
4. She Got It Good (Side A)
5. I Am Your Singer (Side A)
6. Outtake I (Side A)
7. Dear Friend (Side A)
8. Dear Friend (Side A)
9. Outtake II (Side A)
10. Indeed I Do (Side B)
11. When The Wind Is Blowing (Side B)
12. The Great Cock And Seagull Race (Side B)
13. Outtake III (Side B)
14. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Side B)
15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Side B)
16. Love Is Strange (Side B)
17. African Yeah Yeah (Side B)

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