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BRAND NEW Nashville of the North! Hard Cover. Price includes the shipping charges from Liverpool, England directly to our customers. EXCLUSIVE OFFER: David will sign every copy we sell and we are the only place in the U.S. you can get this unique and amazing new book. AVAILABLE NOW!
Renowned Beatles historian and author David Bedford - a Liverpool native and lifelong resident of the city (and regular FEST participant) - has just released his new book. The first of its kind, The Country of Liverpool delves into the strong yet often overlooked influence of country music on the Beatles. At the center of the story is Phil Brady, a Liverpool music legend who became the UK's #1 country artist, and his personal scrapbook of memories.
"Phil's story is essential to the country music scene in Liverpool," says Bedford. "In fact, a lot of that story is untold - and its roots are at the heart of the Beatles' recording career. The Quarrymen, the group that became the Beatles, were rooted in the skiffle music of Lonnie Donegan; the skiffle was rooted in American country and folk music. And John Lennon was a huge fan of country legend Hank Williams, too."
That influence followed the band throughout their career and even after their breakup. Ringo Starr's solo music probably leans the most towards country, though Paul McCartney and Wings and the others had their moments as well. As Bedford says, "Even die-hard fans of the Fabs and their solo work might be surprised at some of the country influences they didn't realize were there."

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