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BRAND NEW. German Import. Bookplate signed by Authors Axel Korinth & Ed Dieckmann. All copy is in English. Volume 2 has a chapter on Timothy Travel, a puppet series produced by Apple, which didn't progress beyond a pilot episode and is more or less totally forgotten. Allen Klein's reign is just around the corner and John and Yoko are busy making their Rape movie. (White) Trash issue their superb Road To Nowhere single and Brute Force's King of Fuh is being picked up by George Harrison. Two Virgins gets its USA release and a four album pack of Beatles hits gets nixed before release. Bubble Puppy, Mary Jane Bann'd and Stone Down are all nearly signed by Apple while The Iveys go on national TV. John and Yoko stage their first Bed-In in Amsterdam and Paul records with The Fourmost. The amount of day-to-day activities related to Apple in these three months is astounding. All this is covered in great detail in Volume 2 of a is for apple.
Slow Dog were a band that won a talent contest organized by Apple in Cambridgeshire and were destined to be signed by Apple. Why this didn't work out in the end is all revealed in a is for apple Volume 2. Four of the band's recordings made around the time of the contest will be included on an EP exclusively available with this book, kindly donated to us by Dave Kelly from Slow Dog and it marks the first time these recordings have ever seen an official release!

While Axel and Ed are the main writers of the a is for apple series, for Volume 2 they were privileged to have the ongoing support and help by their dear friend and top collector Antonio Caroselli, who has contributed a great number of rarities from his own collection to be used in Volume 2, while also contributing a substantial part of the text; and that of Sara Schmidt from the superb Meet The Beatles For Real blog, who has written a superbly interesting piece on the Apple Scruffs.

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