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German Import. Volume 1 of A is for apple was released in April 2015 to worldwide acclaim; all copies of the book sold out within a month and are now sought-after collector’s items which fetch high prices on the second-hand market. Ever since, people have been asking for a reprint of Volume 1. We never got to offer Volume 1 the first time around,so if you missed out on Volume 1, this is your chance to grab a copy. 692 pages. Offered with the book is one previously unreleased Apple recording on a vinyl single with the reprint, one of which is an Apple published song by Miles and Robert Priestley (who are also featured on one of RPM’s great Apple published acts compilations, 94 Baker Street Revisited), while the B-side is a version of Ev'rything's Al'right by the Mojos performed by an unknown group and found on an Apple acetate.Supplies will be limited. 5/24/18 - UPDATE!! - We have just been informed that this volume will be out of print soon and we have only a few copies left

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Catalogue Number: 6013