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By Mike McInnerney, Bill DeMain & Gillian G. Gaar - Sgt Pepper At Fifty; The Mood, The Look, The Sound, The Legacy of The Beatles' Great Masterpiece. Five decades after its release in 1967, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band remains a keystone of the Beatles' career-and of popular music as a whole. Regularly cited as the greatest album of all time, it is a record soaked in, and thrillingly evocative of, the sights, sounds, and mood of the sixties at their most joyously psychedelic.
Written by an international team of experts on the music and the era, this unofficial volume brings a new perspective to the album by looking in-depth at the unique cultural circumstances that led to its creation; examining the rich assemblage of influences that informed its sound; exploring the landmark cover art, which is still the subject of debate and intrigue today; and assessing the record's enduring legacy.
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