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By Richard White, This compelling new book offers a new perspective on the Lennon-McCArtney relationship, emphasizing the efforts these larger-than-life rock stars made to overcome their enmity. Informed by extensive interviews and insiders' first-hand recollections, COME TOGETHER looks beyond conflict-driven media representations of The Beatles fron men and draws a truer portrait of their unique bond, which remained unbroken even in the wake of a bitter split, as they embarked on solo careers. It also offers fresh insight on the musical ambitions and personal motivations for renewing a creative alliance that so nearly happened but was thwarted by circumstances beyond their control.
More than a mere cultural history, COME TOGETHER is an exploration of the enduring link between two of the greatest collaborators of all time, and a compelling account of a crucial period in post-'60's Beatles history. White combines original researchamd rare insight into the lives and minds of Lennon and McCartney to provide an exclusive, exciting perspective on their relationship and careers after their first act, The Beatles came to an end.

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