The Original & Longest Running Beatles Celebration, Since 1974!

  • Concert promoter Sid Bernstein and Apple Records promotion manager Pete Bennett


    Joey Molland (Badfinger), singer & Beatles
    pal Billy J. Kramer and Ringo Starr producer Mark Hudson


    Beatles publicist Tony Barrow, Beatles scholar/Fest emcee Martin Lewis and Gordon Waller (Peter & Gordon)

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    FEST GUESTS 1974-2013

    The world's first officially-sanctioned Beatles convention - staged with the blessing of all four Beatles and their company Apple - was held in New York City on the weekend of September 7th and 8th 1974. It was called Beatlefest. John Lennon - who of course lived in Manhattan - was directly involved in supporting the convention and rounded up musical instruments from himself (a guitar), Paul (a guitar) and George (the tabla used on "Sgt. Pepper") to be auctioned at the convention for his chosen charity - Phoenix House - a drug rehab organization. Ringo directly donated signed drumsticks for the charity auction.

    During the 1960s and even into the early 1970s there had been occasional gatherings of devotees in the UK and US. But these were held primarily for the faithful fan club members and fanzine readers not for the general public.

    But Beatlefest in September 1974 changed everything. The event was a massive success with 8,000 Beatles lovers jamming a Manhattan hotel over a two-day weekend. It was a new phenomenon - and it sparked a cover story in Rolling Stone magazine. There was a sequel convention in New York City the following year and The Fest was born. In February 2014 the Fest will celebrate its 40th year with its 120th US convention.

    From the very start, the heart of the conventions has been the presence of the special guests - people from across the Beatles universe. They reminisce on stage, sign autographs, pose for photos and - to the delight of the attendees - chat one-on-one with the fans.

    The guests come from every facet of the Beatles' lives. From family members and friends to fellow musicians and industry associates. Among the VIP attendees at the Fest in the first couple of years were Shea Stadium concert promoter Sid Bernstein, Beatles US promotion manager Pete Bennett, longtime Beatles road manager/assistant Mal Evans, radio deejay Murray The K and Hamburg pal & photographer Jurgen Vollmer. After that came a veritable deluge of guests.

    On this page you will find details of some of the principal guests who have appeared at the Fest in the last forty fab years...

    (Click on the    icon for photographs. Click on the name for biographical info.)

    Family & Partners

    Click to see photo   Cynthia Lennon (John's first wife)

    Click to see photo   Pattie Boyd (George's first wife)

    Click to see photo   May Pang (John's girlfriend 1973-1975)

    Click to see photo   Nancy Andrews (Ringo's fiancee 1975-1980)

    Click to see photo   Mike McCartney (Paul's brother)

    Click to see photo   Louise Harrison (George's sister)

    Click to see photo   Angie McCartney (Paul's step-mother)

    Click to see photo   Ruth McCartney (Paul's step-sister)

    Early Days (1945-1962)

    Click to see photo   Pete Shotton (The Quarrymen)

    Click to see photo   Rod Davis (The Quarrymen)

    Click to see photo   Len Garry (The Quarrymen)

    Click to see photo   Colin Hanton (The Quarrymen)

    Click to see photo   Eric Griffiths (The Quarrymen)

    Click to see photo   John Duff Lowe (The Quarrymen)

    Click to see photo   Pete Best (Beatles drummer 1960-1962)

    Click to see photo   Chas Newby (Played bass with Beatles Dec. 1960)

    Click to see photo   Tony Sheridan (Played with Beatles in Hamburg)

    Click to see photo   Roy Young (Played with Beatles in Hamburg)

    Click to see photo   Andy White (Played drums with Beatles Sept. 1962)

    Click to see photo   Pauline Sutcliffe (Sister of Stu Sutcliffe - Beatle 1960-1962)

    Fellow Musicians (1960s & 1970s)

    Click to see photo   Donovan

    Click to see photo   Billy Preston

    Click to see photo   Peter Asher (Peter & Gordon)

    Click to see photo   Gordon Waller (Peter & Gordon)

    Click to see photo   Harry Nilsson

    Click to see photo   Jackie Lomax (Apple recording artist)

    Click to see photo   Gerry Marsden (Gerry & The Pacemakers)

    Click to see photo   Billy J. Kramer

    Click to see photo   Peter Noone (Hermans Hermits)

    Click to see photo   Spencer Davis

    Click to see photo   Joey Molland (Badfinger)

    Click to see photo   Neil Innes

    Click to see photo   Richie Havens

    Click to see photo   Ronnie Spector

    Click to see photo   Doris Troy

    Click to see photo   Gary Wright

    Click to see photo   Micky Dolenz

    Click to see photo   Lon & Derrek Van Eaton

    Click to see photo   Chris Montez

    Click to see photo   Delbert McClinton

    Click to see photo   David Peel

    Associate Musicians (Studio & Stage)

    Click to see photo   Denny Laine (Wings)

    Click to see photo   Laurence Juber (Wings)

    Click to see photo   Denny Seiwell (Wings)

    Click to see photo   Steve Holley (Wings)

    Click to see photo   Henry McCullough (Wings)

    Click to see photo   Robbie McIntosh (Paul McCartney band)

    Click to see photo   Hamish Stuart (Paul McCartney band)

    Click to see photo   Mark Rivera (sax for Ringo - stage)

    Click to see photo   Jim Horn (sax for all 4 Beatles - studio & stage)

    Click to see photo   Earl Slick (guitar for John - studio)

    Click to see photo   Tom Scott (sax for George & Paul - studio & stage)

    Click to see photo   Hal Blaine (drums for John - studio)

    Click to see photo   Gary Burr (guitar and co-writer with Ringo - studio)

    Click to see photo   Howie Casey (sax for Paul - studio & stage)

    Click to see photo   Greg Hawkes (The Cars, keyboards for Paul - studio)

    Recording Engineers & Producers

    Click to see photo   Norman Smith (Beatles engineer 1962-1965)

    Click to see photo   Geoff Emerick (Beatles engineer 1966-1969)

    Click to see photo   Ken Scott (Beatles engineer 1967-1969)

    Click to see photo   Alan Parsons (Beatles engineer 1969-1970)

    Click to see photo   Mark Hudson (Ringo producer 1998-2007)

    Concert Promoters

    Click to see photo   Sid Bernstein (NY concerts 1964-1966)

    Click to see photo   Sam Leach (Liverpool shows 1960-1962)

    Film World (Directors, Producers & Actors)

    Click to see photo   Victor Spinetti (Actor 3 films 1964-1967)

    Click to see photo   Walter Shenson (Producer 2 films 1964-1965)

    Click to see photo   Albert Maysles (Director documentary 1964)

    Click to see photo   Denis O'Dell (Producer & Head of Apple Films)

    Click to see photo   Al Brodax (Producer TV cartoons & Yellow Submarine)

    Click to see photo   Tony Palmer (Director documentaries 1968-1977)

    Industry Associates

    Click to see photo   Mal Evans (Road Manager & Personal Assistant 1962-1970)

    Click to see photo   Alistair Taylor (Personal Assistant 1962-1969)

    Click to see photo   Peter Brown (Personal Assistant 1962-1970)

    Click to see photo   Freda Kelly (Fan Club Manager 1961-1972)

    Click to see photo   Tony Barrow (Publicist 1962-1968)

    Click to see photo   Tony Bramwell (Personal Assistant & Promotion 1965-1970)

    Click to see photo   Clive Epstein (brother of Beatles manager Brian Epstein)

    Click to see photo   Geoffrey Ellis (Legal & administration 1963-1968)

    Click to see photo   Chris O'Dell (Apple assistant 1968-1970)

    Click to see photo   Andrew Loog Oldham (Publicist 1963 then Stones manager & friend)

    Click to see photo   Ken Mansfield (Apple US General Manager 1968-1969)

    Click to see photo   Pete Bennett (Apple US Promotion Manager 1968-1972)

    Click to see photo   Richard DiLello (Apple office assistant 1968-1970)

    Click to see photo   Gordon Millings (Assistant to personal tailor 1963-1966)

    Click to see photo   Alf Bicknell (chauffeur 1964-1966)

    Historians, Biographers & Authors

    Click to see photo   Barry Miles (1960s friend and Paul biographer)

    Click to see photo   Ray Coleman (Journalist friend and John biographer)

    Click to see photo   Philip Norman (Beatles and John biographer)

    Click to see photo   Larry Kane (US tour memoirs and John biographer)

    Click to see photo   Al Aronowitz (Journalist friend)

    Click to see photo   Mark Lewisohn (Beatles historian & biographer)

    Click to see photo   Martin Lewis (Beatles scholar, marketing strategist & DVD producer)

    Click to see photo   Wally Podrazik (Beatles historian)

    Click to see photo   Nicholas Schaffner (Beatles historian)

    Click to see photo   Jon Wiener (Lennon historian)

    Click to see photo   Alan Clayson (Beatles biographer)

    Click to see photo   Bruce Spizer (Beatles historian)

    Photographers & Artists

    Click to see photo   Klaus Voormann

    Click to see photo   Astrid Kirchherr

    Click to see photo   Jurgen Vollmer

    Click to see photo   Robert Freeman

    Click to see photo   Harry Benson

    Click to see photo   Bob Gruen

    Click to see photo   Allan Tannenbaum

    Click to see photo   Rob Shanahan

    Click to see photo   Roger Farrington

    Click to see photo   Paul Saltzman

    Click to see photo   Bill Bernstein

    Click to see photo   Jim Marshall

    Click to see photo   Curt Gunther

    Other Guests

    Click to see photo   Chad Stuart (Chad & Jeremy)

    Click to see photo   Jeremy Clyde (Chad & Jeremy)

    Click to see photo   Terry Sylvester (The Hollies)

    Click to see photo   Mark Lindsay (Paul Revere & The Raiders)

    Click to see photo   Ricky Fataar (The Rutles)

    Click to see photo   John Halsey (The Rutles)

    Click to see photo   Phoebe Snow

    Click to see photo   Rex Fowler (Aztec Two Step)

    Click to see photo   Annie Haslam (Renaissance)

    Click to see photo   Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel drummer)

    Click to see photo   The Smithereens

    Click to see photo   Murray The K (DJ & close acquaintance 1964-1966)

    Click to see photo   Bill Maher

    Click to see photo   Robin Leach

    Click to see photo   Brett Hudson

    Click to see photo   T.V. Carpio ("Across The Universe" cast member)

    Click to see photo   Dana Fuchs ("Across The Universe" cast member)

    Click to see photo   Timothy Mitchum ("Across The Universe" cast member)

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