• Peter & Jeremy

    Legendary Duo In Concert

    Together For The First Time As A Duo! The two separate halves of the two most popular British Invasion duos from the 1960s together at last!  The FEST has been fortunate to have presented Peter & Gordon, Chad & Jeremy and (two years ago) even Peter, Chad & Jeremy on the same bill. Well, Chad has now retired, and Peter and Jeremy are teaming up together for a brand new show their premiered at our NY Metro FEST in March, exchanging reminiscences about the London music scene of that time, great songs and great artists of the period (including the Beatles of course) and so much more. They will be performing many of their hits and discussing their extraordinary, multifaceted and peripatetic careers.  This performance will be divided into two parts, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Peter will also host a new event called Peter Asher and Friends All Together Now, on Friday evening.