• Mark Lewisohn

    The World's Foremost Beatles Historian

    We’re honored to welcome MARK LEWISOHN back to the FEST for the first time since 2014. Mark is taking a brief time out from preparing the second volume of his history trilogy The Beatles: All These Years to deliver his in-depth presentation about The White Album, called Double Lives. Part 1 is on Saturday and Part 2 is on Sunday. Mark will be here all three days and will be pleased to sign autographs throughout the weekend. Visit Mark’s table for his book Tune In in both the original American hardback and paperback formats and also the beautiful deluxe ‘extended’ edition that’s still hard to find here in the US. It’s the first time Mark has signed this version anywhere in the U.S.

    We are bringing in a limited quantity of the Deluxe 2 Volume Unedited Edition. We want to have enough for all who want it, so please let us know if you are interested in reserving a copy to purchase at the Chicago FEST (Price is $195.00 + tax). Mark will be happy to personalize and sign your copy.

    The Beatles: An Objective History in five-minute bites
    Everyone is invited to bring along a Beatles or Beatles-related object which Mark Lewisohn will talk about for a timed five minutes, explaining something of the Beatles’ history through that specific prism. The item can be anything at all – a photo, a record, a document, a press cutting or magazine cover, a piece of memorabilia, a book – just grab any kind of souvenir that grabs you, perhaps something you’ve bought from a Fest dealer, and bring it along. Mark won’t know the items in advance and will illuminate them spontaneously before moving on to the next. This event will take place on Friday evening.

    Considered the world’s foremost Beatles historian, Mark Lewisohn has also written a number of highly-regarded books about the band including The Complete Beatles Recording SessionsThe Beatles Day by DayThe Complete Beatles Chronicle, and The Beatles London.