• Laurence Juber

    In Concert, Formerly of Wings

    Laurence Juber joined Wings as lead guitarist the same time Steve Holley joined. They were both brought into the band by Denny Laine.

    One of our all time favorite guitarists, you will hear why once Laurence picks up his guitar and plays. Over the years, Laurence has released three albums of acoustic Beatles tunes and one of Wings tunes.

    His first project in the Beatles world was as a session musician with Cleo Laine, produced by George Martin. Laurence has also worked extensively with Al Stewart. If we counted correctly, this is Laurence’s 38th FEST and he keeps getting better!


    1982 – Los Angeles, Chicago, New York Metro, Houston
    1990 – Los Angeles
    1991 – New York Metro, Chicago
    1992 – Los Angeles
    1993 – Chicago
    1994 – New York Metro
    1995 – Los Angeles, Chicago
    1996 – New York Metro, San Francisco
    1997 – New York Metro, Chicago, Los Angeles
    1999 – Chicago, Orlando, California
    2000 – New York Metro, Chicago, Los Angeles
    2002 – Boston
    2005 – Chicago, Las Vegas
    2010 – Chicago
    2011 – New York Metro
    2014 – Chicago, Los Angeles
    2017 – New York Metro, Chicago
    2019 – New York Metro, Chicago




    Performing “Johnny B. Goode” with Mark Rivera and Liverpool at the 2014 Chicago Fest –



    Performing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the 2012 Chicago Fest –



    Laurence Juber on the web: laurencejuber.com
    Laurence Juber on Facebook: Facebook.com/laurencejuber
    Laurence Juber on Twitter: @OM28LJ