• Ken Mansfield

    Former manager of Apple Records

    KEN MANSFIELD, the former U.S. manager of Apple Records, was on the rooftop during the Beatles’ final live appearance, January 30, 1969.  Ken has written seven books. And aside from working with the Beatles, has been associated with acts such as The Beach Boys, James Taylor, Roy Orbison, Badfinger, and Judy Garland.His latest book, The Roof is our #1 bestselling book of the past 6 months. Ken offers a personal, entertaining, and historically accurate look at the Beatles’ last concert while telling the inside stories and reflections of the Beatles and other characters in the vibrant decade of the sixties. All are interwoven with colorful descriptions on the workings, realities, and the true characters behind the cultural phenomenon that defined a generation. View the modern music industry from someone who was part of its growth and who lets you experience moments of music history that will never come again. Ken Mansfield, the Man in the White Coat, was there!