• Jenny Boyd

    Pattie's Sister, George's Sister-In-Law:; Premiering new book

    We are so thrilled and honored to announce JENNY BOYD as a Special Guest for the first time. Jenny is Pattie’s sister and together, they were the darlings of the fashion world in the swinging mid 1960s London. Being George Harrison’s sister-in-law opened up the world’s doors. Jenny worked at the Apple Boutique, was a top model in high demand and it gave her access to the music scene as well.  She married Mick Fleetwood (twice) and later married Ian Wallace, King Crimson’s drummer.


    Donovan wrote Jennifer Juniper for Jenny, and her new book, Jennifer Juniper: A Journey Beyond The Muse is being premiered at the FEST.  Jenny also accompanied The Beatles to Rishikesh in 1968 to study with the Maharishi.  She roomed with Magic Alex for a short time, who we know so little about. Perhaps she can shed a little light on that part of Apple’s history. She will be signing copies of her book all three days and talking about her incredible life on the main stage each day. It has been 12 years since we had Pattie (one of our most popular guests) and we can’t wait to welcome her sister Jenny to our stage.