• Blac Rabbit

    In Concert

    Blac Rabbit is a psychedelic rock band from Rockaway Beach NYC formed by twin brothers Rahiem and Amiri Taylor. While attending high school they learned how to play guitar, write songs and also taught themselves how to produce music, taking particular inspiration from the soul, rock and pop they listened to during their childhood, with The Beatles being the highest on their list.
    They grew to prominence in the Beatles world by going viral with their uncanny soundalike Beatles covers, busking in the subway, and it even landed them on the Ellen Show!
    In Late 2017 the duo released their first self titled EP “Blac Rabbit”. The duo performed, produced, and mixed the album themselves along with the help of live drummer Patrick Jones. The group released their debut full length album “Interstella” in March of 2022.
    They performed at The Fest for Beatles Fans in 2019, and again in 2022 and 2023. We are thrilled to welcome them back for a set on the Main Stage on Saturday!