• Jeff Slate's Birds of Paradox

    In Concert

    Appearing in concert, Birds of Paradox is local artist Jeff Slate’s band. You may have seen Jeff’s name in a piece he wrote included in the Super Deluxe Sgt. Pepper release earlier this year. He is also a contributing editor to Beatlefan. We will be announcing his line up shortly, but we can tell you they will be doing a tribute to the Traveling Wilburys for a number of reasons – one being the recent passing of Tom Petty. Stay tuned.

    This is their fifth appearance at the New York Metro Fest, and we’re thrilled to have them back!




    2014 – New York City
    2015 – New York Metro
    2016 – New York Metro
    2017 – New York Metro




    Performing “Instant Karma” in New York City –

    Jeff Slate on the web: jeffslate.net