• Andrew Weiss & Friends

    On the Apple Jam Stage

    Self-taught on the many instruments he knows how to play, Weiss’s journey sprouted from early exposure to The Beatles, which recently came full circle after a spontaneous run-in and 20 minute conversation with Paul McCartney. He began picking guitar and writing songs at only seven years old, and he would later play in various bands throughout his youth.

    During his time at NYU, where he studied Music Theory & Composition, Weiss wrote music for films and various ensembles. His High Fascination work also continued there, and he eventually discovered a group of musicians to join him. Four more albums were released during Weiss’s time in college, before the musical style soon shifted to a more Americana-driven approach, or “Power Pop-icana” as Weiss likes to call it. High Fascination ultimately folded to make way for a new project, as a brand new circle of friends and musicians emerged — Andrew Weiss and Friends was born.