• Alan White

    Drummer: John Lennon, George Harrison, YES

    Alan is joining us in Chicago for the very first time. When John Lennon agreed to perform at the Toronto Rock & Roll Festival in Sept, 1969, he put a band together overnight that included Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, Yoko, and Alan White (on Drums). John had called this 20-year-old he had heard the night before and invited Alan. He didn’t believe it was John initially. But it was and it was a game changer. They had their only rehearsal on the plane ride from London. The results can be heard on the Live Peace in Toronto Album.

    Alan joined YES in 1972 and they became one of the premiere Prog rock bands of the 1970s. YES was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame just last year. Alan also played on the single Instant Karma and the Imagine and George’s All Things Must Pass albums. Alan also worked with Denny Laine (pre Wings) and his band Balls for several months.

    Alan will be performing along with fellow drummer Steve Holley during the jams.