The Original & Longest Running Beatles Celebration, Since 1974!


  • Featuring members of Indie rock bands (Erik Paparazzi from Cat Power, Doug Gillard and Ira Elliot of Nada Surf, and Mark Rozzo of Maplewood), Bambi Kino brings the raw energy of the Beatles' Hamburg days to the stage. The group's name was taken from a movie theater in Hamburg where the Beatles once lived in a storeroom behind the screen. Leather jackets and Rock 'n' Roll.
    2014 - New York City, Los Angeles
    Performing "Mr. Moonlight" at the 2014 Los Angeles Fest -

    Performing "Soldier Of Love" at the 2014 New York City Fest -

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    Bambi Kino on Twitter: @BambiKinoBand

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