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BRAND NEW Limited Edition of only 945 copies worldwide. Exclusively offered in the U.S. by The Fest. The world’s first 3D photographic album on The Beatles, using state-of-the-art technology to generate stereographic photography (3D).

The Beatles were never photographed in 3D, but Archivum has created an innovative and immersive way to allow fans to virtually step back in time and experience The Beatles as if they were right there in the moment, delivering a completely new experience to Beatles fans of all generations around the world.

Presented in a specially engineered 10 inch collectors album box ‘The Beatles In Stereoscopic 3D’ features an accompanying 8 page overview booklet, high quality metal stereograph viewer and 50 digitally mastered viewable stereographic cards painstakingly re-imagined from our Beatles photographic vaults.

This first introductory volume, to be released in 2018, covers the high points of The Beatles overall career.

There are only 945 first editions available of this uniquely collectable set, all signed and numbered by the curators, artists and authors.

As with all Archivum productions those supporting the campaign will get their name honored on a show card in the box set, while the campaigns to support it are live.

And while the campaign is on submit images that you own the copyright to and we may be able to include them in the final production. Contact us here to find out more.

Add this unique box set to your collection. Buy it for yourself, your parents, your grand parents and your children. Come and meet The Beatles in 3D!

Due out March 2018. Scheduled to be premiered at the NY METRO FEST.

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Catalogue Number: 6021